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Can you really live of sports betting?

Would you like to earn money on the betting?

I bet you do…

However, today we are going to see what are the pros and cons of being a professional player.

Let’s see if it really is possible for anyone to earn a life worthy of just gambling games and then we take a look at how you can make this happen.

The first lesson to become a professional player is …

Stay out of casinos.

Unless you are a world class card-reader or a professional poker player, the casino has nothing to offer other than a life of failures … which you can enjoy while it lasts but the truth is that you can crash and burn…

If you plan to play casino games this can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Even if you are a first class card reader …

Life is dangerous as a false move and many are blacklisted for life in all major casinos.

vivir de las apuestas deportivas

Is it possible to live of sports betting?


Why do we go with sports?

For the simple reason that with athletes there are establish lines of probabilities for each team, player …

In a casino the probability of something happening is always accurate, however with sports betting there is a gray area.

Therefore, a man may think that a particular horse is 100/1, while another thinks that it is 50/1 this a basic example.

But where these anomalies exist is the possibility of obtaining profit.


Are brokers very smart in what they do so it will not be bad to do this?


While these sites are smart in what they do, the truth is they are not giving exactly the real odds that can happen in any game properly.

As I show and explain in the following Case Study on anomalies in tennis games

Which rider does not adjust the odds to a level in order to maximize earnings based on what the public thinks will happen?

It’s that line that is crucial based on what they think the audience is going to do because the general public are so stupid they have no idea about the real possibilities that teams have to win.

Apostador profesional

This is where the professional player comes into play.

Therefore, what any professional player has (in his particular form) is that he studies all the forms and knows all the statistics, sets his own quotas in his head and then when the sites show his possibilities compare and see the possible gain which they can obtain.

For example:

A horse racing player thinks that a certain probability for the horse is 6/1 to win the race, but when runners put their odds, they are available for that horse by 10/1.

This is a position where professional players meet most of the time.

Every player has to work in a sport event and in the long term benefits are guaranteed since their evaluation will be correct. As I explain in the video 4 basic rules of professional investors

So it is possible to live from sports games if you know how to do your things and keep your head in all statistics and news of your sport and always be at the forefront of the public betting.

Now tell me yourself … Can you really live of sports betting?


  • Gustavo Amaya
    Monday August 3rd, 2015

    Gracias por toda tu información amigo.. Saludos desde Venezuela

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    Sunday November 9th, 2014

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