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ahorrar dinero en el chanchito

How you earn money and keep profit on Sports Betting?

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Thousands of people participate in sports betting every day. Many believe it is impossible to make a living this way … It is true that it can be extremely difficult to make money gambling , but not impossible. How to earn money with sports betting? This is very similar to the stock market Many people daily lose large amounts of money in the stock market, but also very many other are made millionaire of it. The same happens in gambling. All systems in our society have inefficiency. In a moment…
inversionista deportivo exitoso

Online betting guide from beginner to a sports investor

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 Hello everyone We made this video to illustrate the basics if you want to start with the right foot and be a good bettor. Look: This video we have done especially for you, we know that it will contribute with you, so, we put it at the beginning of the blog, the more hurdles in this, more content you will discover, but in the meantime, understands this and use it for your Personal improvement and when investing in sports. This is a short video where we explain which that eyes you should see the…
flat betting system

Flat betting system: Administration Model for Sports Betting

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There is much talk about strategies, tools and between different things to achieve generate income with sports betting, but the most important and you should not forget is money management and how that should be done to generate steady income. Over the past 3 years, people say many things about money managing in sports betting, some wanted to earn money as quickly as possible and others wanted to play conservatively, but the truth is different and I’ll say what I’ve learned in the recent…
porcentaje artificial

The importance of using percentages with Artificial Intelligence

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In this article we will talk about the importance of having a tool that facilitates the percentage you have to win a team with percentages based on artificial intelligence. It should be mentioned that it must be taken into account that parameters are being taken into account when launching a percentage with artificial intelligence since if we only base it on statistics, obviously we are going to give a percentage that we already know. But that everything is important to consider as a parameter if…
herramientas para pronosticar partidos de beisbol

Tools used by big bettors

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As you know the great bettors are characterized by doing their job well and using tools that give you more benefit when making your bets. The first thing they take into account before you start betting and making money, is the site they use to bet. The big bettors consider the odds before they start betting on that is that they decide to use the sites that pay good amounts of money for their bets. These places I put them below: Pinnaclesports Betfair Exchange After having selected the website, every…
software contable

The Importance of Sports Accounting

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When we talk about sports accounting, do not imagine that you are going to have to make a loss and win status of your bets, no! But what if you are going to have to do when we talk about sports accounting is to keep records of all your bets with the values you have taken and make your daily record of how you did that day. The importance of all this is that when you keep a record you become much more organized in your things and you will know exactly how much you have lost and how much […]