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Track of the betting odds for sports from Las Vegas in Real Time

Most likely if you’ve been searched on google something like NFL, MLB, NHL Betting odds or lines is very probable that this article solve what you’re looking.

In fact you is very probable that you may be looking for two things, the first are the best betting lines to bet on sports, and for this I recommend to register in this bookmakers for those who live in the US or those who are outside.

And the second thing that can probably be looking for, is the real time track of betting odds

How to track the odds in real time?

Maybe this graph can clear your doubts:


Line odds nfl

If this was what you are looking for or if it was much more than you expected, then, continue reading because in a few moments i’ll explain how it work for NFL betting.

How to Understanding Graphs of betting odds in real time?

As you saw in the picture above, this chart has a specific color: RED which means the side of the team that is playing this day: Visitor.

The second thing I want you to understand in the thick red line that moves up and down, in other words, this line represent the current odds in real time.


At the bottom of the graph you find the time in which you can know exactly what time the Sportbook move the betting odds.

Finally, in the right side there are a number who say 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%, this in itself marks the current trend of the public that will depend of the purchased tickets for each team.

also the red color seen in the background is the public and the percentages of right side are used to know how they are currently.

Analyzing this chart can get very safe Sports predictions.

If you want access to this tool only, Click this link to find the reverse line tool.

i hope this is what you were looking for

a hug.

Now you’re reading betting odds lines from Las Vegas for this week in real time

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