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Strategy that you can use to maximize your income in Sportsbook

The bets in general are small investments that each of us make in order that these at the end of the event are earned and generate an “extra income”; But many times this does not happen as well. That is why today I am going to write this article where I will let you know a strategy that you can take to win your next sports bet.

Strategy you can use to win sports bets

The first step to begin with this strategy is to be that our knowledge has to be based on the study of teams that commonly win and have better ranking.

For example:

We look for the general ranking of NHL matches, it can also be in football, basketball or whatever sport you prefer.

ranking nhl

As we can see in the table above, the ranking of the best teams according to the current conference, in blue color we can see the teams that are leading, which are 8 per conference, well in this case I recommend you take the first 4 of each conference to minimize the work, but if you like you can take more.

Check if the teams you selected play today

It is important that you verify this information, in case that you study a team that does not play today, hahaha.

Once this is done, write down on paper the best teams that are going to face today, according to your list of the best teams that commonly win.

partidos de hoy

Research information and discover which of these teams is going through a bad time.

Once you have identified the best teams, find out more information about these and some recommendations that I give you is that you look for the last 10 matches of your entire list and see against which team lost, also find out if it was with teams that are really bad and they did not deserve to win that game “according to your knowledge in that sport”

porteros nhl

Watch out! “there is no lesser enemy”.

Look at the head to head

After optimizing your teams list with better rankings but are going through a bad time, or a bad streak, it is important that you check the head to head and see if previously the team they are facing today has won them in the same current situation.


For example:

Home or Away.

Have your strong investment chart at hand

Finally, having done all the previous steps you will have a small list between 1 – 4 teams, maybe more but it is rare occasion, however, what I suggest now is to review and compare the investments of all these teams. One of the tools that works very well for this job is the Reverse Line of zcodesystem that will provide you with all this data in real time, before the sports events start.

Line de reversa

Data you have to analyze

  • Compare odds ex. 1st team 1.49, 2nd team 1.53, 3rd team 1.78, fourth team 1.90, etc.
  • Check the% of audience and ticket numbers to ML purchased for each team
  • Look at strong investments. Ex if there is a lot of public in the team that pays 1.78 and they have fallen to 1.68 they have taken off price so they are likely to win. Then he detects the one who has a lot of publicity and ignores him, or on the contary, but detects all first.
  • Make an analysis of all the teams and decide what would be the best investment for you and the bookmaker

Wait for the results of the week

If you made a good decision I suggest that you keep using the strategy but in case you have made a bad decision on a team that lost, do not get discouraged, these things usually happen, but what I suggest is that you reconsider taking again the strategy and expect the results of the profits until the end of the week, which by the way for me is until thursday.

I hope you follow these steps from head to toe and any questions you have do not hesitate to do it in the comments, share in your social networks and help spread this strategy that several may be needing.

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